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About Us

Paul Scropino

online store manager

Our focus is on selling well-researched mushroom extracts of superior quality. We have been in business since 2010. 

We are providing our customers with the best possible products, value-for-money and service. Based in The Netherlands, we are currently serving customers in over 85 countries. 

Our business is based on common sense and pragmatism. We feel that all quality claims should be backed up with hard facts. 

All our products are tested by independent third party laboratories, not just for safety but in particular for mushroom-specific marker compounds. You don't have to take our word for it when we claim premium quality - you can actually verify it

We share our test reports with our customers. 

You should ask yourself why other vendors do not or use fake reports (no lab name on the report ? Fake !)


Make sure to check our FAQ.


ORIVEDA is a registered brand name of ORIGO Holding BV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The only company I trust. Great value for money, outstanding service and quality.

Gwen Hastings
Memphis, TN

Why Choose Us?

We have set some trends in the niche of mushroom supplements. We were among the first ones to emphasise extraction (mushrooms are indigestible for most when not extracted) and the first ones to guarantee and specify beta-glucans on our labels - already in 2012 !  

Beta-glucans are the main marker compounds in almost all mushrooms.

Extracted mushrooms are roughly 4 - 10 times more bioavailable according to research. And by specifying exactly what in our supplements you know what you get and what to expect


We were the first ones to use objective, third party testing over a decade ago. We do share the lab reports with our customers.


We test for over safety (heavy metals) and marker compounds such as beta-glucans, polyphenols, terpenes and trace elements, whatever is relevant for a specific mushroom.

It might be hard to believe, but most supplement sellers do not test their products for potency or safety. They expect you to take their word for it when they claim a certain quality. 

But why should you ?


Also check our FAQ for details about quality control, shipping etc. etc